Blog disease …

Well, I’m sad to say that this site has developed Blog Disease.  You start off with good intentions and spiral rapidly.  So, I will make an effort to keep it more up to date.

Road works are now complete and access to the rifle club is pretty straight forwards.  Coming back into Canberra does require a considerable diversion and a scenic trip back past Majura Winery, with its thick crop of roos (or crop of thick roos?) and the associated hazards.

We recently had the club annual dinner at Yowani Golf Club.  It was rather a select group of members this year – we always vary a fair bit in numbers.  We had a good chat and most of us were very happy with the food.  The evening started a bit strangely with an extensive recounting of somebody’s recent surgery.  As if the mediaeval torture (differing only by the application of anaesthetic) weren’t bad enough, the recovery period seemed even worse.  My neighbours were looking as though dinner was fast becoming redundant.

Fortunately the bright moment of prize giving arrived and intestines gave way to trophies.  I was given the task of making a photographic record: a pretty clear indication that I should not expect a prize.  As my eyes can only get worse, and work has allowed little time for thinking of other things, I wasn’t surprised.  So I clicked away as the goodies were distributed to the tall and thin, the short and tubby, new members and everything in between.  The secretary has frequently pointed out that I would win more if I actually shot.

Needless to say I didn’t shoot this evening either.  I left work late, had to feed the kids and eat myself.  In the toss up between a sociable coffee with the guys at the club, or fixing the dryer, the dryer won.  Damp towels are yet another form of mediaeval torture!

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