Back to the butt …

After a month away, I got to shoot again tonight.  Alas not my best performance – after four weeks at the other side of the globe and a day hunched over a hot laptop, my eyes were not up to snuff.  I had the rear aperture shut right down and still had trouble pulling the foresight into focus.  184 I got – better than I deserved.

The main range was fairly quiet, about half a dozen of us.  But I gather that was a big improvement over last week.  However the air range was humming, with lots of new faces and hoards of young folk.  So good to see young people getting involved.  We need more!  Haven’t you ever wanted to give it a try?  Come on!

A. went to India for a couple of weeks and I browsed his photos while I had a post-perforational coffee.  I’ve always been sort of curious about India.  When I was a young lad at university, bus-loads of my compatriots rumbled off to the sub-continent and I rather felt that I’d missed out.  Anyway, that’s maybe not strictly relevant to shooting.

Here’s a shooting thought: I use Rifle Match S ammunition.  Apparently that leaves the muzzle of my Anschutz at 345 m per second, which is … about 1240 km per hour, if my dodgy maths are to be believed.    The cruising speed of an Airbus A380 is about 900 kilometres per hour.   At 100 metres from the muzzle the bullet is travelling at about 280  metres per second, or about 1000 KPH.  So next time that you are sitting in one of those flying barns, watching some chronically poor movie and trying to keep your food on those professionally polished micro-tables, just think about it!

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