Girl Power!

Well, I haven’t been shooting for a bit which is why this blog has been excessively quiet.  More of my effort has gone into trying to figure out why our old BMW hops like a kangaroo every now and then ….  Anyway, the reason for my lack of devotion has been that I can’t aim a rifle at the target.  No, it’s not some strange psychosis, I have a frozen left shoulder.  First the right one failed for the best part of a year, then the left one followed.  I am literally unable to raise the muzzle of my Anschutz high enough to hit the target!  But things are getting better.

Hammerli AR20

Hammerli AR20 air rifle

In the meantime the women of the family are taking over – both my wife and daughter have headed onto the air rifle range with our Hammerli AR20.  Mum is a very serious sportswoman – she takes technique and instruction very seriously, whereas I tend to point my rifle toward the target and offer a small prayer.  Laughing-Water, my daughter, has just started and is not as good as mum yet but she is very stable and strong, so we have great hopes of her.  It is really good to see the two of them on the range, all the more so because we are seeing more women and girls on the air rifle range, so perhaps we will reach a critical mass.  But of course, in the end it only takes one person to shoot.

In general the popularity of air rifle shooting is on the rise.  It is fun and not expensive to get into.  The ammunition is very cheap and we bought a new rifle locally for about $1200 or so.  They’re probably more now but still not wildly expensive and the Hammerli (made by Walther) is quite adequate to get started with.  I think that we added riser blocks under the sights and weights, but it was no biggie.  So, if you are sick of team dynamics, then consider air rifle shooting!