A trip to the Bright Lights

On 19th April my wife dragged me off to the International Shooting Centre in Sydney. She’d decided to take her air-rifle out and shoot in the Open. Making our usual rather late start we headed north from Canberra in our van with suitcases and shooting equipment. The plan was scope out the range, then have a night at a hotel and for Karen to shoot the match the next day. I decided not to shoot in the 0.22 match because I’ve had frozen shoulders and done little serious shooting recently.

It was super-easy to get to from here and in a lovely setting.  So we lugged the rifle out of the van (why are target rifles so flipping heavy?) and put it in the store at the range, before having a good sticky-beak and addressing my wife’s nervousness about how the competition was run.

We had a good night in the hotel and an awesome steak dinner.  A bit expensive, but what isn’t these days?  Maybe I come from a mean family: my parents thought that I could survive on 25 pounds a month at university in Britain in the mid-70s.  Anyway, we won’t dwell on THAT.  I will say that I had a long shower in the hotel: free hot water!

The next morning off to shoot.  We got Karen set up but she wasn’t terribly happy – she just didn’t feel right.  Then when the competition started she immediately ran into trouble and shot badly.  Not least of her problems: her glasses kept misting up.  So sadly she under-performed and was very disappointed.

BUT we were both very impressed with the place and the facilities and plan to go back there soon to shoot.  And the other club members shooting did much better, in particular our young female shooter was stellar.

And for the bonus points?  We got quality time together while the kids were enjoying our absence! 😉