Location, Times and Fees etc

Special sessions planned or cancelled: None

The normal shooting time is:

7:00 to shoot at 7:15 on Tuesday night, at the club

Additionally people with lighter work commitments 😉 shoot on Thursday mornings starting at about 9:00.  These sessions are only open to experienced shooters: training and club weapons are NOT available.

Entrance to the club is by following the sign “Gun Clubs” northwest off Majura Parkway just east of the Federal highway, toward the airport.

Turn left off the Majura Parkway, when heading toward the airport, onto the line of the red arrow. Follow the road around and turn right at the T junction.  Then dogleg through the farmy gate and head down to the end. If you are heading for the north of Canberra when you leave, follow the green arrow to get back onto Majura Parkway at the traffic lights. 

Just come along and we will supply training and equipment!

We certainly welcome everybody but we are particularly keen to interest young people in the sport.  The brutal truth is that most small-bore shooters in the Olympics are young people of either gender.

For anybody that might be interested: NOTHING of value is stored at the club.  All equipment and ammunition is taken away after each shoot. So please stop busting our cupboards that don’t even have doors any more.

More information is available at the club’s main site: http://www.actsmallborerifleclub.com/

Approximate current fees:

Annual membership:

Junior   $75

Senior  $115

Family $175

Pensioner $75

Fees paid at each shoot (in addition to annual membership)

Juniors  $6

Seniors  $11